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COVID 19 Updates

Dear Students/Parents/School Community,

I am writing to you to outline the procedures we have in place at Durham Sixth Form Centre in the event that we should have a Coronavirus (COVID-19) case in school.  It is my intention in writing this letter that it is open and transparent and that it allays fear and anxiety that some people may be feeling, or have felt, during the course of this year, 2020.  As you would expect, and should the need arise, the school will follow the government guidance and Public Health England instruction in all scenarios to ensure action is taken both swiftly and decisively.

1) Should a student have a positive test, our first concern is the physical and mental health of the student and the family involved. Their anonymity will be protected.

2) We will work with the health protection team who will guide us through the actions that we need to take.  Based on the advice from the health protection team, we will send home those people who have been in close contact with the person who has tested positive, advising them to self-isolate for 14 days since the date they were last in close contact. Close contact means:

  • direct close contact - face to face contact with an infected individual for any length of time, within 1 metre, including being coughed on, a face to face conversation, or unprotected physical contact (skin-to-skin).
  • proximity contact - extended close contact (within 1 to 2 metres for more than 15 minutes) with an infected individual.

As an extra precaution the remainder of the class of the infected individual will also be asked to self-isolate (unless of course they were absent).

3) Students or parents of students who have been in lessons with the infected individual will be contacted directly by telephone and will be given details of when they can safely return to school.  A follow-up email and letter will be sent and an additional copy of the letter posted.  Self-isolating students will not be allowed on the school premises until the date of safe return.

4) Subject teachers will support students who have been asked to self-isolate to ensure their studies are not negatively affected.

Please note: Only students who are required to self-isolate will be notified.  According to government guidance their families do not need to self-isolate.  We respectfully request that details of any case should not be used in any way to scaremonger or cause anxiety to any other student(s), their families or the wider school community.

Yours faithfully

Ellen Beveridge

September 2020


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Public Health England

NHS 111


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COVID 19 Updates

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Public Health England
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